Kindel Leadership Development teaches leaders and teams the tools and skills required to deliver outsized results.

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Tig (Charlie) Kindel holds free and open office hours available to anyone. Use the online scheduling tool to find a slot that works for you, share your challenges and goals, and Tig will work with you to develop an engagement that fits. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute session.

How Can Kindel Leadership Development Help?

For more than 30 years, Tig (Charlie) Kindel built and led high-performing organizations that have brought products such as Alexa, Windows, and Control4 to millions of delighted customers. He is dedicated to coaching leaders and creating leadership development programs for growing organizations. As an adept mentor, teacher, and executive coach, he has the unique ability to guide leaders to see the bigger picture and help them build high-performing organizations.

Tig is an active coach for the entire company and we’re witnessing positive changes in culture and how we execute. As we’re transitioning from a startup to a fast-growing space infrastructure company, the impact Tig is having is visible every day. His positivity and energy are perfectly matched with experience and realism. He will help you front up to the tough situations and get out of them but also recognize and play to your strengths. I highly recommend taking advantage of him.

  • Stefan, CEO, Dawn Aerospace

Kindel Leadership Development teaches proven tools and skills required for leaders and organizations to deliver out-sized results while having fun. In all cases, Tig will be there for you, both online and in person, when you most need it.

Are you …

… an individual contributor or early-stage people manager wanting to get to the next level of leadership?

Tig will teach you the skills you may not even know you need. He will listen, ask questions, and help you see the bigger picture. He will help you build a plan to get to the next level of leadership. He will be available when you need help and will help you learn how to help yourself.

… an established people manager eager to scale your career to the next level?

Tig will expose you to tools and techniques world-class executives use to deliver outsized results. He will teach you how to do more through others. You’ll learn how to drive highly performing teams that are fun to work in. You’ll learn how to build a culture of trust, collaboration, and communication. You’ll learn how to build teams that deliver and have fun doing it.

You’ll have a long-term partner who will be there for you when you need help.

… an executive of an organization that needs to grow quickly while continuing to deliver results?

Tig will help you build a leadership development program that will scale your organization. He will help you and your staff build a culture of trust, collaboration, and communication. He will help you build an extended leadership team that can scale with the organization.

Tig will work with your team to develop a custom program that will help your organization scale. He will be a coach for your leaders who need help. He will run training sessions for your organization on topics such as leadership, organizational design, and operational excellence.

Your employees will notice the difference and will be happier and more productive.

… a board member or investor in a company that needs to scale?

Tig will help you understand the leadership team and the organization. He will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its leaders. He will help you understand the risks and opportunities. He will help you understand what it will take to scale the organization.

Leadership Topics

Tig has real-world experience in all aspects of building and running organizations. He uses a principle-based approach to leadership development and can help in all of the following areas:





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If the words “extraordinary,” “remarkable,” “inspiring,” and “joyfully” align with your organization’s purpose, mission, and vision, you need to do everything possible to meet Tigger. If you’re lucky enough to have him helping your organization, buckle up, it’s going to be a fantastic journey.

  • Alex, Senior Vice President, SnapOne

Tig’s ongoing mentorship has had a profoundly positive impact on my career, both personally and professionally. I enthusiastically recommend Tig as a career coach for anyone seeking to elevate their career or their organization. I am confident that his insights and expertise will continue to inspire and empower others, just as they have done for me.

  • Pooja, Chief Product Officer, Proviidence Health

Tig is one of the clearest business thinkers and leaders I’ve ever worked with. He’s giving back with half-hour coaching sessions at no cost. Highly recommend.

  • Cecilia, General Counsel, Replit

In working with Tig, I learned the importance of empowering leaders, deeply investing in building the right culture, defining guiding principles, mechanisms, and mental models.

  • Abhishek, Vice President, Albertsons

Tig has helped me grow and build confidence in my work more than any other leader I have ever worked with. He made me feel like I was standing a little taller.

  • Jeff, Vice President, SnapOne

Tig has been a great mentor, helping provide insight into a breadth of situations. He has helped me significantly in working through team and career decisions, listening with sincere interest and shedding light on new opportunities for directions to take through many situations. Having Tig as a mentor has been extremely valuable in helping to grow my career.

  • Adam, Engineering Executive, Microsoft