Charlie's Searchable PorscheFans Archives

    The PorschePhiles mailing list was active from sometime in the late '80s through 1996 when it was replaced by PorscheFans. PorscheFans lasted for about 2 years before being superceeded by PorscheList (now called RennList) in May 1998. Using the search engine here you can still search all the old PorscheFans and PorschePhiles message archives.

  • Update: September 26 2011 - This service is currently unavailble. In updating my website I broke the search function. I looked through the query logs and see that very few people have been using it in the past year, so I do not think it is worth my while to keep it running. Please feel free to email me if you have a deep desire to access one of the archived messages.
  • On April 22, 1998 the PorscheFans listmaster disabled access to the list digests on Thus searches you do here will only find messages sent before that date. I have all messages sent between April 22, 1998 and when PorscheFans was superceeded by PorscheList (now RennList) (May 25, 1998) and will be adding them to the archives soon
  • March, 1999 - PorscheList has been renamed RennList due to trademark issues. Go to now!
  • May 29, 1998 - Before PorscheList, and before PorscheFans, there was PorschePhiles. Never before have the PorschePhiles archives been available online in a searchable form. But they are available here, now! Simply choose "PorschePhiles" as the list you want to search in on the query page. For more history click here.
  • May 25, 1998 - There's a new List Server in town! A group of dedicated Porsche enthusiasts have created a high-quality replacement for PorscheFans and it's called Rennlist (originally PorscheList). Go to to find out more and to subscribe. The old PorscheFans archives are still available here for your searching pleasure.