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Over the years there have been a great number of factory options available for Porsche cars. When you buy a previously owned Porsche it is nice to know what options the car has. Fortunately Porsche equips all cars with two stickers listing the option codes for all of the options on the car. The first sticker is affixed to the underside of the hood and the other is (usually) affixed to the inside cover of the warranty manual by the dealer.

You can also obtain the list of option codes for your car by contacting Porsche Cars of North America (PCNA) and requesting a "cardex" for your car. The "cardex" will show you a bunch of information about your car including the option codes, paint code, etc...

It appears to be very difficult to get a complete list of options with their respective codes from Porsche. However, at least one Porsche fan (Philip Katz) collected all the option codes he could find and posted them to the PorscheFans and PorscheList mailing lists whenever someone asked for a "decoding". On this page, I have taken the liberty of using Phil's list to implement an online, automatic decoder.

Here's how it works:

  • In the input box below, type in all of your options codes and then press the Decode! button.
  • Enter your option codes, separated by spaces (e.g. "C02 018 139 158 220") or enter an asterisk (*) to see all options.
  • This app will generate a report with all of the options decoded and display it.


  • The database includes codes for many different Porsche models. It is mostly pre-996 911 centric, but there are codes in there for other models.
  • The database includes every option code I know about. If the database doesn't know your code, neither do I. If you know what a code that isn't in the database means, send me email and I'll update the database.
  • It is NOT possible to decode a Porsche VIN number with this decoder.
  • If you don't know the codes for your Porsche, you can request a "Cardex" from Porsche that will include them.

Enter codes here:

If you know of option codes that this program does not know about, or if you spot errors, please send email to myself. The database has codes for just about every model and year of Porsche ever made. Porsche has re-used option codes for different models over the years, so if you have a newer car you may find that this decoder reports that one of your codes is something it's obviously not.

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