How I mounted my Valentine One

First, everyone knows that the V1 is the best radar detector money can buy. Period.

  1. I have a remote display which I love and I wanted near the instrument cluster.
  2. I take my V1 out of my car frequently to use it in my 911 (which also has it's own remote display unit. Click here to see details of that installation.

I wanted to be able to easily remove the main unit and not have wires dangling out of the overhead console. So I had an RJ11 jack fabricated and installed on the front side of the overhead console, facing the windshield. I then made a short RJ11 wire that plugs into the V1 and this RJ11 jack. 

Below are three pictures illustrating the installation. Click on the pictures to see higher resolution versions.

V1 From Front.jpg (100677 bytes)V1 From Right.JPG (275656 bytes)V1 Remote Display.JPG (240749 bytes)

You can see in the first picture (just to the right of the reflection on the windshield) the RJ11 jack I had fabricated. They fabricated this thing by taking apart one of those female-female RJ11 plugs and epoxying it to a piece of black laminate that was shaped using a mini-router.

The 2nd picture (not a great picture) shows another view, taken from the passenger door.

The wire runs from inside the overhead console down to under the dash where the remote mount junction box is attached (third picture). The remote mount wire then comes out of the junction box to the remote display which was mounted right in front of the fog light indicator on the left side of the instrument panel (using a double sided sticky pad).

The nice thing about this setup is that you can hardly tell that there is a V1 in the car. The driver can't see the unit at all. The volume control is hard to adjust, but you just move the mirror to do it, and I rarely adjust it. The new V1 remote mounts have a mute button right on them, so I can simply reach the remote mount with my left hand and press it if I'm in a "noisy" area.

Copyright � 2008 Charles E. Kindel, Jr.